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The Financial Services industry has been going through significant transformation shaped by globalization, consolidation, international regulation, and technological innovation. In fact, Card industry has never been more competitive with consumers becoming more affluent and IT savvy and vice-versa with technology altering the way consumers acquire unsecured lending products and make payments - forming a dynamic and lively correlation.


To be successful in card and merchant management and establish robust platform to support various unsecured lending products, banks and financial institutions need to surpass the competition and ensure extensive customer satisfaction and loyalty. This would require supplying more innovative and enriched financial services, offering more efficiently and flexibility through IT optimization, reducing overall time-to-market and employing multi-channel distribution. Risk management is now considered an absolute must, while greater security measures must also be taken to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. Depending on customer's environments and requirements, ABX has the right "Unsecured Lending Platform" solution. Both solutions are being used by major banks and financial institutions with the largest card base in Asia.

Depending on customer's environments and requirements, ABX has the right "Unsecured Lending Platform" solution.

ABX is the expertise in Cards & Payments solution in Thailand. Our key competitive advantages include:

  • Extensive and experienced and highly qualified local team

  • Commitment to deliver with proven track records in successful project implementation & support for various banks, both in Thailand and across the region

  • Extensive knowledge of the Bank of Thailand (BOT) and local regulatory requirements

  • Strong relationships with all payment associations

Depending on your requirements, ABX has the right "Unsecured Lending Platform" to meet your needs.

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