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Multinational companies are ever facing with several conflicting questions such as “How do I keep focusing on my core values while ensuring that my IT Operations are running at low cost, whilst not compromising on my delivery qualities?”


After you have made the decision to outsource, you are faced with several IT outsourcing companies. Whilst it is tempting to pick the companies offering the lowest price, you have to ask yourself if you can entrust your Operational lifeline to that outsourcing company. There are a few questions you have to ask:

• Does the company have any experience in transitioning the IT operations from one company to its own?
• How experienced is the outsourcing company? Does it have the right people, process and technology to manage the IT Operations on a global scale?
• How is the outsourcing company adding value to the client’s sustainable competitive advantage? Is the outsourcing partner interested in understanding and adding value to the client business goals or interested in keeping the client close by offering price discounts?

• How should the client ensure that the company does not lose operational knowledge to the outsourcing partner? After the “honeymoon period” is over, what if both parties realize that they are not “right for each other”? The client realize that they no longer want to do business with their outsourcing partner but cannot live without them. The client needs to get the knowledge back quick and fast. How do you ensure that the knowledge is openly shared?
• Does the client have the right set of tool that is customized to your business needs? Will that tool give provide useful sets of information to prevent further incidents or will that tool give churn out sets of log entries which the client does not understand?

ABX understands the above challenges. We have seen our clients encountering the challenges and we have been alongside with them to overcome whatever that may come in their way. Based on our experiences of the above issues, we are proud to present some of our key differentiating factors which anticipate the above challenges:
• We won a major contract with a Global Electronics Manufacturing Company to manage the transition of their IT infrastructure from several major plants (in Europe, America and Asia) to a handful of consolidated data centers. We flew our people around the world to understand the customer’s business and technical requirements, learn their IT Operational landscape, and eventually manage the transition project until the point that their infrastructure was up and running with full customer satisfaction.

Our service offerings cover :

• Our working ethos is “Your business is our business”. We do not scope ourselves to only IT infrastructure. We realize that the IT infrastructure is merely a platform to achieve your business goal. What is visible to your business are the business applications. With the majority of our clients, we have increased our value offering by de veloping valueadded applications as well as running these applications on our client’s behalf. We have blended our application and infrastructure support service into a onestop shop for our client.

• We believe that our client’s IT knowledge should be openly shared and maintained. We will develop a shared knowledge portal where both parties can share knowledge and also living documents to ensure that the knowledge is kept up to date. This knowledge will automatically become a part of our ongoing service. We believe that this is a mustdo.
• We have developed an application monitoring tool. This tool leverages the skills from our Data Warehouse and our Technology Solutions service lines. This tool receives a set of error notifications from the standard vendor error messages, the messages then go through some data transformation process before being presented as a businessoriented format that users can actually understand. The presentation method of this tool can be delivered via the Operational Management Portal or via SMS. Please see the architecture below:


• Enterprise Infrastructure Management (EIM)
• Network Management
• Server and Storage Management
• Enterprise Application Management (EAM)
• ERP Managed Operations
• Desktop management
• Managed Security Services
• E-services
Are you ready to see what we can do for you?

Are you ready to see what we can do for you?

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