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There is a tremendous growth in demand for insurance products in the recent years. The competition between insurance companies is also becoming fierce. They have to constantly innovate themselves in terms of their strategy, business process and technology in order to stay ahead of the competition.

ABX DATA, the world class IT Innovator, are partnering up offer unique value proposition to the Thai market. ITG brings the local insurance domain expertise, enterprise systems integration experience and local system support. ABX DATA brings the world class end-to-end insurance solutions, 3 decades of implementation experience and over 120 projects implemented worldwide. Our passion is to help our insurance clients to reach their business goals through our Innovative and Localized core insurance, peripheral and mobile solutions.

Our core insurance portfolio is:

• FirstGen. Policy Administration System for non-life insurance house. It is 100% Java based technology which is able to handle all non-life insurance portfolios.

• FirstLife. Policy Administration System for life insurance house. It is 100% Java based technology which is able to handle all life insurance portfolios.

• FirstRe. Policy Administration System for professional reinsurers. It is 100% Java based technology which is able to handle all types of reinsurance arrangements and transactions.

Our peripheral portfolio is:

• ABX Channel Portal (NCP). Complete Channel Management System for insurance partners. It is a one-stop shop application which empowers the insurance partners (sales agents, clients, insurance brokers) with the tool to execute their business activities in one single place.
• ABX Integration Platform (NIP). Comprehensive integration platform for insurance companies. It is a technology platform designed for ABX solutions to facilitate data exchange with external systems.
• ABX Enterprise Platform (NEP). Single sign on enterprise portal for insurance employees. It is a one-stop shop application which allows the insurance employees to be seamlessly connected to the core system and execute their business activities from a user-friendly interface.

Our mobile portfolio is:
• iClaim. A flexible tool for non-life insurance claiming process designed for adjusters and potential/existing customers.
• On+ Sale Work. A tool for life and non-life insurance agents to manage their activities.


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